Where Used Record Links Plugin

This provides a Result Set listing where Records are used, similar to the View > Record Links command, the Tools > Work with Data > Places > Where Used button, and the List All Citations for a Selected Source Plugin. However, this Plugin supports all Record Types, for any selection of Records, and lists details of the explicit Where Used fields appropriate for the Record Type.

If any Record is used in the same place twice, the Data Ref Where Used is prefixed with an asterisk, and a click on the column header will sort them to the top.

Where Used Record Links Result Set

This Result Set illustrates the details provided for four selected Source records.
Note that the Census: 1871… record is cited twice by Charles William Smith MUNRO where marked with an asterisk.

The Result Set lists the Source Record Name, its Rec Id, and number of Media for each selected record.
It lists each Record Where Used, its Rec Id, number of Media, explicit Data Ref Where Used and Field Where Used, etc.
So the two Media columns allow the number of Citation Media to be quickly reviewed.

For Citations of Source records illustrated above, that 2nd Media column lists values x / y where:
x = number of Media linked to the Fact or Record holding the Citation.
y = number of Media linked to the Citation where used field itself.

In general terms for other record types:
x = number of Media linked as siblings of the Field Where Used.
y = number of Media linked as children of the Field Where Used.

Double-click on any bold field to open its Property Box with the details selected.
Right-click any fields to the right and choose Locate in Property Box, or choose Locate in All Tab that often gives a more detailed view.

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