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This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V2.1

  • Updated library modules to V2.9
  • Tooltip Balloon mode disabled for Crossover, PlayOnLinux & PlayOnMac
  • Excessive number of Snapshot files added to Result Set Exception Report

Features of V2.0

  • New counts of Media and better counts of Citations (Cites) for both Records and Facts
  • Separate Place and Addr counts for Facts
  • The Facts table now incorporates Names and LDS Ordinances
  • New Data table with usage Totals for Fact Types, Attribute values, Source Types, etc
  • Extra Date and UDF exception reports
  • Many other minor statistical and presentation enhancements
  • Significantly reduced run time despite more exhaustive statistics

Features of V1.9

  • Supports V6.0 features such as Unicode characters and Place Records
  • New Relationship Pool counts in V6.0 only

Features of V1.8

  • Reports any Multimedia where the FORMat type disagrees with the FILE type
  • Reports any Multimedia where a part frame _AREA disagrees with the file height & width or type
  • General improvements and minor bug fixes to the user interface dialogue

Features of V1.7

Features of V1.6

Features of V1.5

Features of V1.4

Features of V1.3

Features of V1.2

Features of V1.1

Features of V1.0

  • Initial Plugin Store version.

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