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Any Statistic marked in red indicates that there is at least one associated Exception Report enabled via the Options Tab.

Maybe the red Statistic gives an actual example of the problem e.g. Facts/Citations Earliest/Latest Date will show a problem Date.

Often the red Statistic gives a count of the number of problems e.g. Individuals No Birth Count or No Death Count.

Otherwise the red Statistic just identifies some related problem e.g. Facts/Citations Date may have fewer problems than the count.

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How is a problem Item correctly identified in its Property Box?

To review an Exception Report, double-click its entry in the Individual / Family / Fact / Media Item column to display an associated Property Box. If necessary right-click and choose Locate in Property Box or Locate in All Tab.

Usually the problem Item is immediately highlighted, but in a few cases more searching is needed:

  • With Family Facts such as Marriage or Divorce, check both the Individual Property Box and the Spouse Property Box.
  • With Citation Entry Date reports, check the Date in all the Citations listed in the yellow Sources pane.
  • With Unusual Multimedia Frame reports there are various possibilities:
    • The linked File is missing and should be added or the record deleted.
    • The linked File has an invalid image format so the Frame Area should be deleted.
    • The Frame Area is at fault, so use the highlighted Link/Note Record Name to find and open its Multimedia tab. Use Edit Media on the problem item, then Select Frame and correct its position or use the Delete key. If the Frame is not visible then use Link to Face/Detail to create a new Frame and if necessary Delete that.

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Can further statistics be inferred from those in the tables?

Comparing some of the statistics can confirm their validity or infer other details.

If the Individual Record Count is less than the Facts table Count of Names then the difference is the number of Alternate Names.

If the number of Individual Record Links exceeds the Family Record Links that usually infers the number of Fact Witness, Associated Person, and Alias links.

The number of Source record Links should equal the sum of All Record Cites and All Fact Cites.

The number of Multimedia record Links often equals the sum of All Record Media and All Fact Media counts, but any excess is the number of Local Media Objects.

The number of Place Record Links should equal the All Facts Place count.

The Place Record Count often equals the Data table Places count, but any difference infers unused Place Records.

The Data table Fact Types count identifies the number of distinct Facts used, plus one for the Name tag and for any LDS Ordinances.

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What causes "The Internet appears to be inaccessible" message?

This Plugin checks the Plugin Store for a later version via the Internet. If there is no connection, this message is produced.

While there is no connection, the message is inhibited by all Plugins with this feature, until none of them have been run for 10 hours, or one of them detects the connection is restored.

Also the online Help & Advice pages will be inaccessible.

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