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Facts Statistics

The Facts table lists Names, 11 popular Facts, plus All Other Facts & LDS Ordinances, and All Fact totals for the columns:

  • Count = number of Names, Facts & LDS Ordinances
  • Media = number of Media items linked directly to a Fact or its Citations
  • Cites = number of Citations linked to a Fact or its Notes, Place fields, etc
  • Place = number of Place fields associated with a Fact
  • Addr = number of Address fields associated with a Fact
  • Age = number of Age fields associated with a Fact
  • Min., Ave., Max. = statistics for those Age yrs & mns & dys
  • Age@ = number of Facts for which Age At is available
  • Min@, Ave@, Max@ = statistics for those Age At values
  • Date = number of Date fields associated with a Fact
  • Earliest Date = earliest of those Date values
  • Latest Date = latest of those Date values

The Christening details include both Christening and Christening (adult) Events.

The Census details include both the Individual and Family Events.

The Family Events of Marriage, Divorce, and Census may have twice as many Age or Age@ entries due to both partners.

The Data table lists Totals for distinct Fact Types, Media Keywords, Places, Addresses, most Attribute values, and Source Types.

Any value with one or more associated exceptions is marked in red with an explanation given in the Result Set Exceptions Report.

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