Search and Replace ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V3.0

  • More logical arrangement of the Major Options tab sections: Search Scope, Basic Filters, Search Criteria
  • The Major Options tab has a Show/Hide White Space option to reveal space, tab, newline characters
  • The Extra Filters tab Date fields now support LMO/Sort Date (~OBJE._DATE) fields

Features of V2.9

  • When the Extra Filters tab Multimedia Linked File field is replaced then the actual Media file path itself is now similarly altered to match
  • The FILE link and FORM format tags are now correctly handled.

Features of V2.8

  • Major Options tab Select Records option for the Search Scope filter
  • Fixes problem when Plugin Window is minimised and closed
  • Minor internal issues updated

Features of V2.7

  • Managed Presets Import preset file format checks & report, and other minor improvements

Features of V2.6

  • Managed Presets support Import and Export options to allow Presets to be shared
  • Managed Presets allow multiple preset selection for Save, Load, Import & Export options
  • Initialisation progress bars added for large projects

Features of V2.5

  • Managed Presets to allow multiple search & replace settings to be preserved for future use
  • Revised titles and tooltips for some filter options

Features of V2.4

  • Supports V6.0 features of Unicode characters, Witness Roles, and Place Records

Features of V2.3

  • Global Search Scope filter to confine operations to just one type of Record or Event or Attribute

Features of V2.2

  • Extra Filters tab option to enable & disable Date Phrase Warnings
  • Better support for Interpreted Date Phrases and standard Date Phrases

Features of V2.1

  • New Major Options tab and Extra Filters tab for user options
  • The Search and Replace text boxes support tab and newline characters
  • Additional search filters and options with extra search refinements

Features of V2.0

  • New User Options to choose fields plus other settings are included
  • Search ONLY mode added similar to Search and Return Result Set Plugin
  • Complete makeover including sticky option settings and online Help & Advice

Features of V1.7

  • Added the Date specific field search & replace capability
  • Added Text Field Name options in place of general field classes

Features of V1.6

  • Added Data Reference details to the confirm prompt for the context of the field being changed

Features of V1.5

  • General coding tidy up (not published)

Features of V1.4

  • Added Whole Words search option
  • Added Plain Text search option to inhibit Lua Pattern characters

Features of V1.3

  • Added Case Insensitive search option
  • Cancel or X Close will abort the replacements, but still list changes in the Result Set

Features of V1.2

  • Changed to a Skip button, and use X Close button on the window to cancel process

Features of V1.1

  • Added a Skip tick box that can be selected to Skip over a change
  • Added a Result Set that is shown at the end of all the items changed

Features of V1.0

  • Initial Plugin Store version

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