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Some search & replace settings can be quite complex and may need to be repeated on different occasions. User configurable Presets allow an unlimited number of settings to be preserved for future use. Initially 4 named Presets are provided, but they can be renamed and others added.

Preset Lock Any settings entered are automatically saved in the Preset currently selected in the Manage Presets pane. To prevent the settings from being accidentally changed, tick the Lock option. To enter other settings choose another Preset and repeat the process.

Manage Presets Dialogue

Click the Manage Presets button to open the Manage Presets dialogue.

The left-hand Project List names Presets available in the current Project.
The right-hand Program List names Presets available to all the Projects.
The central Manage Presets pane has buttons to manage the Preset lists: Manage Presets

>> Save >> to save chosen Project Presets into Program List
<< Load << to load chosen Program Presets into Project List
Export to export any chosen Presets to a File
Import to import a File of Presets into Project List
Move Up to move the chosen Preset up the List
Move Down to move a chosen Preset down the List
Unlock to unlock the chosen Preset to allow deletion
Delete to delete the chosen Preset
New Preset Name : enter a new Preset name for the buttons below
Insert to insert a blank Preset below the chosen Preset
Clone to clone a copy Preset below the chosen Preset
Rename to rename the chosen Preset
Finished to close the dialogue

The Program List of Presets is stored in C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Plugin Data\Search and Replace.dat.

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