Search and Replace ~ Extra Filters

This tab offers much more selective filters to narrow the search. The top three in each column, and the Date fields filter are the same as the Basic Filters, and the remainder relate to the All other Text fields filter.

If a Multimedia Linked File field is replaced, then the actual Media file path itself is similarly altered to match.

Extra Filters The Include All … and Exclude All … buttons allow all Short Text and Long Text filters to be ticked or cleared.

Some filters have a dropdown list to select subsets of their fields.

The Fact Age fields filter offers Age Warnings for invalid replacements, but a Record with a matching Age has its Updated date changed, even if the field isn't replaced.

The Date fields filter offers Date Warnings in the context of all Facts, but a Record with a matching Date has its Updated date changed, even if the field isn't replaced. Date Warnings Beware

Replacement Dates with invalid formats raise a warning that can be disabled by the Date Phrase Warnings option to allow unconditional Date Phrase changes.

Date fields use Long format, so all words are spelled out in full such as January, December, calculated, circa, before, and between.

Finally the Search & Replace button or Search ONLY button can be selected.
Search ONLY mode ignores the Replace text and never changes any data.
For each matching field a Confirmation prompt will be displayed if requested.

If no Search text matches, or all matches are skipped, the Plugin dialogue stays open, but in any case all the settings are preserved.

See the Usage Examples page for advice on search and replace methods, especially for Place Name changes in FH V6.

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