Search and Replace ~ Major Options

Search Scope confines operations to one type of Record or Fact. Select Records chooses a Record subset (Cancel restores full set).

The Basic Filters tick boxes select popular field types to narrow the search. The Extra Filters tab offers more search filter options.

The Search text and Replace text are entered into the Search Citeria boxes, and either box can be left empty. If Search is empty, only empty fields are matched. If Replace is empty, any matching Search text is deleted. Both boxes support all characters including tab & newline.

Date fields use Long format, so all words are spelled in full such as January, December, calculated and between.

If a Multimedia Linked File field is replaced, then the actual Media file path itself is similarly altered to match.

Major Options By default, searches use Plain Text Mode that is Case Insensitive and matches Whole Words, but can be changed by using the options. Whole Words are delimited by either space, tab, newline, punctuation, or the edge of a field. LUA Pattern Mode allows patterns similar to Regular Expressions to be used as Search and Replace text, as explained in Understanding Lua Patterns.

Use Show White Space to reveal space, tab & newline characters explicitly.

Confirm the action for every item found lets operations on each matching field be confirmed. If cleared, all operations are unconditional, and can only be reversed by Edit > Undo Plugin Updates after closure.

The Manage Presets pane allows multiple settings to be preserved and shared for future use. Tick the Lock to avoid accidental changes.

Finally the Search & Replace button or Search ONLY button can be selected.

Search ONLY mode ignores the Replace text and never changes any data.

For each matching field a Confirmation prompt will be displayed if requested.

If no Search text matches, or all matches are skipped, the Plugin dialogue stays open, but in any case all the settings are preserved.

See the Usage Examples page for advice on search and replace methods, especially for Place Name changes in FH V6.

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