Rearrange Address and Place Parts ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V1.5

  • Repair the Help and Advice page broken links
  • Colour any Output Column Part whenever a non-default Input Column Part is chosen
  • Allow Input Filter list to Sort by Address as well as Sort by Place

Features of V1.4

  • Allows the Input Filter to be preselected from Place records in fh V6

Features of V1.3

  • Fix problems with deleting Address or Place fields such as when they have child fields

Features of V1.2

Features of V1.1

  • Allows deletion of duplicated Address parts or Place parts
  • Supports complex mappings that may have failed in V1.0
  • Improves the user interface

Features of V1.0

  • First Plugin Store published version
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