Rearrange Address and Place Parts Plugin

Rearrange Address and Place Parts

This Plugin offers ways to re-arrange any column parts of Address and Place fields.

The Input Column Part to Output Column Part mapping on the left defines which current column parts to copy to new column parts.

The Select Rearrangement Options has shortcuts for popular mappings, etc.

The Copy all … and Delete all … buttons are self explanatory.

The Shift … buttons move column parts left or right between the part numbers defined on the right. At one end <blank> parts are inserted, whilst at the other, parts are deleted.

The Add/Delete [[privacy]] … options handle brackets around Address parts that in Reports hide duplicates with Place parts.

The Erase … parts options delete duplicated parts.

The Right/Left justify … options move column parts right/left to eliminate empty parts against the nominated column.

The RESTORE PLUGIN DEFAULT SETTINGS button sets the installation defaults for all GUI window mappings, options, positions, and sizes.

The PERFORM REARRANGEMENT… button applies the chosen options, and yields a Result Set of each unique new Address & Place pair.

See the Mapping Options and Input Filter advice for further details.

Use the Set Window Fonts button to Set Window Fonts and Colours. Use the Help & Advice button to display these online help pages.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for further details.

CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International
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