Map Life Facts ~ Leaflet Maps Mode


This style of map is always available as an alternative to the Google Maps mode.

It can be used in conjunction with Google Maps Geocoder automatic mapping to produce webpage map files that do not disclose the Google Maps API Key. Only one map file needs to be updated for all files to be modified.

Leaflet Maps Mode


Leaflet Maps have the following features:

  • Click + Zoom in and – Zoom out to alter the scale as shown on bottom left margin.
  • Drag anywhere on the background to pan the map.
  • The icon top right offers a choice of maps and whichever is chosen becomes the default:
  • Hover the cursor over any blue Marker to show a tooltip Caption of location name.
  • Click on any blue Marker to show a Popup box of fact & location details.
  • Drag & drop any blue Marker to temporarily separate coincident Markers or reveal details.
  • On the Geocode Location Plots tab drag & drop the Marker to adjust its Defined Latitude & Longitude values.
  • On the Geocode Location Plots tab for an un-plotted Location, double-left-click on the map to create a new Marker.

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