Map Life Facts ~ Web Page Map Example

When a map is opened its Plots appear in the Marker Style chosen in the Set Preference Options, and the Zoom adjusted to show all Markers. This view is restored by clicking an empty area of the map, or the Map of Locations for … link at the top.

Web Page Map

If created in a fh Family Tree CD/Website folder then its menubar is included, and each bullet list starts with one or more Detailed Facts for … links to featured web pages. Facts omitted from the Family Tree CD/Website can optionally be excluded from the maps.

Each bullet list includes every Fact, and if any plotted Fact Location is clicked the map will zoom to and bounce the associated Marker. If Locations From either Address Fields or Address ~ Place fields was chosen, then both the Place and Address field is listed for each Fact.

Hovering the cursor over a Marker will display a Location Caption, and clicking a Marker will zoom in and Popup more details. Click elsewhere on the map to restore the original view.

You can interact with the map just like any Google Map or Leaflet Map by using the embedded controls. For example, you may choose between Map and Satellite presentations, enter Street View, and open an Overview Map in the bottom right corner.

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