Lookup Missing BMD Records ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V2.4

  • Updated library module for EstimatedDeathDates()

Features of V2.3

  • Adds BMD searches for Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey
  • Women now keep their married surname, even when widowed, divorced, etc, as that is more likely
  • Adds the Redisplay the Last Lookup Page button
  • Redesigned to cope with large Project databases and rectify performance issues

Features of V2.2

  • Adds search options for the FamilySearch and MyHeritage web sites
  • Splits the U.K. searches into England, Scotland, and Wales
  • Improves the search filters and adds F.A.Q. tips for refining the filters

Features of V2.1

  • Excludes any Baptism/Burial with exact Date and Citation shared with Birth/Death
  • Adds new Exclude each person with too few Primary Name parts … option
  • Adds some useful extra Result Set column details
  • Now uses all given names in FindMyPast lookup searches
  • Caters for any Date Phrase without an interpreted Date
  • Mitigates erroneous =EstimatedBirthDate() values in certain scenarios

Features of V2.0

  • First public Plugin Store version

Features of V0.1 to V1.4

  • FHUG prototype development versions

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