Lookup Missing BMD Records ~ Search FindMyPast Tips


In the Lookup Web Page click a link in the findmypast… column to invoke a FindMyPast web site search.

The records that best match the filters are listed first, but too many filters may yield 0 result(s).

Filter Refinement

To refine Your search criteria click the Edit search button to open a dialogue of filters with a Search … button at the bottom.

Initially, especially if 0 result(s) are shown, try simply clicking that Search … button. That will remove Family member filters applied in the initial search, but not supported by the particular collection.

To increase the number of records found, set Year Of … Give or take more, or remove filters.

To reduce the number of records found, untick Name variants, set Year Of … Give or take less, or add filters.

The First/Last name filters have Name variants ticked by default, and may be cleared as necessary. To find misspelt names try using the wildcard options, where ? matches any one character and * matches multiple characters.

Each Year Of … Give or take is set to ±5 yrs for an accurate Date, or rounded up to ±10 yrs, ±20 yrs, ±40 yrs, or any higher specific value for an inaccurate Date. Any Year Of … may be omitted altogether if there is no Event Date, or the filter is not supported for the chosen collection.

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