Keyword Update


This plugin allows the same one or more Keywords to be applied to any selection of Multimedia records.


It is helpful to use Configure Columns… to modify the Multimedia Records Window by adding =MediaType() and Keywords to the "Installation" columns. You can then sort on these columns as well as on Format and File. Sorting the File column can be particularly useful if you wish to show the Multimedia records grouped by Folder\Filename.

The easiest way to use this plugin is from the FH Tools menu. You need to tick the check-box Add to Tools Menu (on the right of the Plugins dialog after you've clicked the [More »] button at the bottom). You can then select several Multimedia records (e.g. by holding down Ctrl and clicking in the records window) and then click on Keyword Update in the Tools menu.

The first window's top pane shows an alphabetic list of the existing used keywords, with counts; the window can be expanded, and the top pane can be scrolled, to allow viewing of the whole list. If necessary you can add further keywords in the bottom pane (one per line - just press Enter after each) and then click OK. The second window then lists alphabetically the full set of available keywords. You then select one or more keywords (again, Ctrl and click) to be added to your selection of multimedia records, replacing any existing keywords on those records, and click OK. (If the plugin was started without selecting the required Multimedia records, you are prompted to make a selection.)

You can then either OK or Cancel the application of the new keywords. Finally, the updated records are displayed as a Result Set. You can use the FH menu option Edit > Undo Plugin Updates if you don't like the result.

If you came here by clicking [Online Help] in the plugin window, you should be able to return by using Alt+Tab.

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