Improve Website or CD DVD HTML ~ Media Popups Tab

These options affect Image Popups in Individual and Family featured pages, and are fully interchangeable.

There is also a process to create Non-Image Media URL via the Turn non-image Media into icons button.

Select the Version of image window Popup style from the dropdown list:

Use the Convert all media file Popups … button to perform the changes.

Image Popups Tab

To ensure images have sufficient resolution to be enlarged it is recommended that at the Publishing Wizard Step7: Presentation & Behaviour the Maximum Size of Full/Enlarged Picture should Choose Maximum Size of say 4000 x 3200 pixels.

Some browsers may object to the JavaScript used by the image Popups, but offers a cure.

  • Internet Explorer
    • Its message is Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls followed by an Allow blocked content button.
    • To eliminate this message click the Cog or Tools, and choose Internet Options and the Security tab.
    • Click Custom level button and in Security Settings - Internet Zone find the Scripting section.
    • In the Active Scripting item select Enable, accept the warning, and click OK.
    • Refresh the displayed page.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Image Popups do not work and the image is simply displayed on its own.
    • To correct version 23 or later:
    • Enter about:config in the address bar, and accept the warning I'll be careful, I promise.
    • Enter javascript.enabled in the search bar, right-click javascript.enabled below, and choose Toggle to select true.
    • Alternatively, install an add-on such as No-Script or Quickjava.

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