Export Gedcom File ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V3.9

Features of V3.8

Features of V3.7

  • The Basic Options Shared Settings for Max height, Max width & Use JPEG file format apply to all exported image files
  • The Restore Defaults button has a Note All Settings warning prompt with a Cancel the Reset option
  • An [unnamed person] is given the surname ? as some products do not support a blank name
  • Fix a problem with moving the File Root Individual record to follow the Header record

Features of V3.6

  • The Extra Options tab Export Fact Definitions option now handles accented and all other Unicode characters
  • The Companion Used rule for HEADer 1 _USED is fixed for TNG promoted Given Name Used to 1 _USED
  • Library modules updated to fix Day Number issues with the Sort Date feature

Features of V3.5

  • The Sort Date feature handles LMO Sort Dates derived from the Order Facts by Sort Date Plugin
  • Improves any Sort Date derived from a fact Before Date or After Date

Features of V3.4

  • Updates (ANC) Ancestry Family Tree to convert Census into Residence facts to improve Census hints
  • Updates the Sort Date feature to fix some problems, and to prioritise out-of-sequence explicit Dates
  • Fixes a problem with purging unused Media records
  • Fixes problem when Plugin Window is minimised and closed

Features of V3.3

Features of V3.2

Features of V3.1

Features of V3.0

  • Fixes standalone Gedcom Cannot Make Folder problem

Features of V2.9

Features of V2.8

Features of V2.6

  • Export to (LFT) Legacy Family Tree supports Note record Research & Medical tabs, improves Note record format, and excludes Updated CHANge date-time-stamps
  • Extra Options offer GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1 FORMat tag subsidiary to FILE tag
  • Other Options offer same sex HUSB/WIFE relationship in asymmetric format
  • Supports UNICODE UTF-16 characters U+10000 to U+10FFFF in Supplementary Planes
  • Fixes Caption Note problem for FILE~REL mode Output Media Style

Features of V2.5

Features of V2.4

Features of V2.3

Features of V2.2

Features of V2.1

Features of V2.0

Features of V1.9

Features of V1.8

Features of V1.7

Features of V1.6

  • Supports fh V6 with Fact Witnesses and Place Records
  • Export mode for fh V5 projects with relative Media links

Features of V1.5

  • Update for fh V6 with Unicode support but not published

Features of V1.4

  • Now caters for a GEDCOM file with NO File Root defined
  • The Basic Option to Convert DATE words moves to Extra Options Date Field rule
  • New Basic Option added to export all Part Frame images in JPEG format
  • If Part Frame _AREA is entirely outside image then export entire image file
  • Closing option to view exported GEDCOM with Family Historian or Notepad or Windows Explorer

Features of V1.3

Features of V1.2

  • Initial Plugin Store version.

Features of V1.0 to V1.1

  • FHUG development versions

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