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TribalPages offers both free and subscription website Family Trees but with poor GEDCOM support. The most significant omission is multiple instance facts, so without this Plugin only the first of each Census, Occupation, and Residence fact is imported per Individual. All linked/shared Note records remain unsupported. See the Import Details below. Visit https://www.tribalpages.com/ for details.

The Character Set Encoding works for UTF-8 and all Unicode characters are supported.

By default all Media are excluded because TribalPages does not upload them.

See both the (TPT+) Full Data Export Details and (TPT-) Brief Data Export Details below.

(TPT+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Std+) Full Data Standard GEDCOM 5.5 rules apply except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

★ Named List Entry (_LIST, _FLAG, _NOTE, _IDS)

See Extra Options tab Named List Entry 1 _LIST:

The details of each Named List are placed in a synthesised Note Record that starts with Ω Named List:, and each associated Record has a link to the Note Record (except for Note, Submitter & Submission records that disallow such links).

★ File Root (_ROOT)

See Extra Options tab File Root 1 _ROOT:

The File Root details are placed in a synthesised Note Record that starts with Ω File Root:, and the associated Individual Record is linked to this record.

The Individual Record itself is moved to just after the HEADer record to become the Root Person.

★ Other Tags (FILE, _VAR, _UID, SUBM)

These tag lines are all removed.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Facts (Events/Attributes)

All multiple instance standard facts except the first, and all unsupported standard facts, are converted to a custom Event using the EVEN tag, where the name is based on the standard fact name suffixed by an instance number where necessary.

Multiple instances of custom facts and NAME fields are not handled.

The number of such facts and other custom facts that are successfully imported is governed by the level of subscription. A FREE account allows 2 custom facts, a STANDARD account 10, and PREMIUM or DELUXE accounts 24, although the imported GEDCOM seems to exceed those limits somewhat.

★ Fact Cause (CAUS)

The Cause field is moved to a Fact local Note with a Fact Cause: label, except for Death Events.

★ Associated Person (ASSO)

Each ASSOciated Person is converted to a custom Event using the EVEN tag with a Fact local Note with an Associate: and Relationship: label.

★ Fact Age (AGE)

See Other Options tab Fact Person Age 2 AGE: & Fact Husband Age 2 HUSB: & Fact Wife Age 2 WIFE:

Each AGE field is moved to the Fact local Note with an Individual's Age: or Male/Lady Partner Age: label.

★ Address Fields (ADDR, ADR1, ADR2, CITY, STAE, POST, CTRY)

See Extra Options tab Fact Address 2 ADDR:

All Address fields are appended to the Fact local Place field following the word at.

★ Fact E-mail, Website, Phone (_EMAIL, _WEB, PHON)

See Extra Options tab Fact E-mail 2 _EMAIL: & Fact Website 2 _WEB: & Fact Phone 2 PHON:

Any Fact E-mail or Website or Phone field is converted to a Fact local Note with an E-mail Address: or Website Address: or Phone Number: label.

★ Source Note (SOUR)

Any Source Note is converted to a synthesised Source Record where the TITLe starts with Ω Source Note: and followed by the original Source Note text.

Source Records (SOUR)

★ Source Record (ABBR, _TYPE)

Each Source Record Short Title (ABBR) is converted to a full TITLe, unless that already exists, whereupon it is converted to a Record local Note with a Short Title: label.

See Extra Options tab Source Type 1 _TYPE:

Each Source Type (_TYPE) field is converted to a Record local Note with a Source Type: label.

Repository Records (REPO)

★ Record E-mail/Website (_EMAIL, _WEB)

See Extra Options tab Record E-mail 1 _EMAIL: & Record Website 1 _WEB:

Any Repository Record E-mail or Website address is converted to a Record local Note with an E-mail/Website Address: label.

Custom Id Field (REFN)

Every Custom Id is moved to the record Note with a Custom Id: label.

Date Field (DATE)

See Extra Options tab Date Field %d DATE:

Each Date field Period is converted to an equivalent Range, so FROM & TO become BET & AND, FROM becomes AFT, and TO becomes BEF.

The INT on each Interpreted Date Phrase is removed to allow the date to be recognised.

(TPT-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Std-) Brief Data Standard GEDCOM 5.5 rules apply together with the (TPT+) Full Data Export Details defined above, except that all the Header Record (HEAD) tags mentioned are removed.

Import Details

Login to TribalPages.com, use Edit > Dashboard > Upload GEDCOM, click the Upload button and Open the Project…TPT UTF8.ged file in the fh Plugin Export folder, then wait for the file to load.

Click the Import Names button, wait for an Email, then click the Done button, and use the View or People options, etc.

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