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RootsMagic Essentials is free, whereas the Basic and Standard versions offer more features but must be bought. All run on Windows and also on Mac but using Crossover. There are also iOS and Android apps. Visit https://www.rootsmagic.com/ for details.

They offer one of the more complete GEDCOM implementations and support Witnessed/Shared Events similar to fh.

See the Import Details for migrating the exported GEDCOM into any RootsMagic products.

The Character Set Encoding works for UTF-8 and all Unicode characters are supported.

Most Media conversion modes are allowed.

See both the (RMT+) Full Data Export Details and (RMT-) Brief Data Export Details below.

(RMT+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Std+) Full Data Standard GEDCOM 5.5 rules apply except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

The SOURce tag value is changed to ROOTSMAGIC to imitate a RootsMagic Gedcom and enable Record Number import options.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Name Fields (GIVN, NSFX, SURN, _USED)

Several Individual Name fields are moved to a labelled Record local Note otherwise they upset the name:
See Other Options tab Name Given 2 GIVN: that is moved to a Name Given: label.
See Other Options tab Name Suffix 2 NSFX: that is moved to a Name Suffix: label.
See Other Options tab Surname 2 SURN: that is moved in to a Surname: label.
See Extra Options tab Given Name 2 _USED: that is moved to a Given Name: label.

★ Sort Date (_SDATE)

Every fact is assigned a Sort Date such that their order is retained as explained in Sort Date Details.

★ Custom Attribute (_ATTR)

See Extra Options tab Custom Attribute 1 _ATTR:

Each custom Attribute is converted to a custom Event using the EVEN tag, with any associated value retained on the tag line instead of a local Note.

★ Individual/Family Tags (NCHI, NMR, RIN)

Each tag is converted to a synthetic custom Event using the EVEN tag with any value on the same line.

★ Associated Person (ASSO)

Each ASSOciated Person is converted to a custom Event using the EVEN tag with a Fact local Note with an Associate: and Relationship: label.

★ Descriptor (TYPE)

Unless describing a custom EVENt or Custom Id REFN tag then this is moved to the local Note with a Descriptor: label.

★ Fact Age (AGE)

See Other Options tab Fact Person Age 2 AGE: & Fact Husband Age 2 HUSB: & Fact Wife Age 2 WIFE:

Each AGE field is moved to the Fact local Note with an Individual's Age: or Male/Lady Partner Age: label.

★ Fact Witnesses (_SHAR, _SHAN)

See Extra Options tab Witness Role 2 _SHA%u:

Individual Witnesses are retained but Name Only Witnesses are moved to a Fact local Note with a Witness Role: label.

★ Fact Witness & record Note Sources (_SHAR.SOUR, NOTE.SOUR)

Source citations on Fact Witness and record Note fields are elevated, so a Witness Source becomes a Fact Source, and a record Note Source becomes a whole record Source.

★ Source Note (SOUR)

Each Source Note is converted to a synthesised Source Record where the TITLe starts with Ω Source Note: and followed by the original Source Note text.

★ Media (OBJE)

All links to Media Records and local Media Objects are converted according to the Basic Options chosen.

For each Individual record, the most preferred Media tab item without Exclude from Diagrams set, gains the _PRIM Y tag to identify the primary photo, but only for the Media conversions (PART/FULL/ALL~LMO) via Local Media Objects.

Note Records (NOTE)

Each Note Record Custom Id (REFN) is added to the Note with a Custom Id: label.

Place Records (_PLAC)

★ Place Record (_PLAC)

See Extra Options tab Place Record 0 @P%d+@:

Each Place Record has its Record Ident deleted but other details retained for import to Roots Magic.

Updated Change (CHAN)

See Extra Options tab Updated 1 CHAN:

The Updated CHANge date/time tags are all Removed entirely.

(RMT-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Std-) Brief Data Standard GEDCOM 5.5 rules apply together with the (RMT+) Full Data Export Details defined above, except that Sort Dates are NOT added.

Import Details

Run RootsMagic and use File > Import > GEDCOM to choose the fh Plugin Export folder and the Project…RMT UTF8.ged file to import.

Nominate to Create a New Database, then choose a New file name and select options such as Display surnames uppercase, LDS support, and Number to display after name > Record number before clicking OK, although all those options can be changed later via Tools > File options.

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