Export Gedcom File ~ Result Set

After exporting the file, a Result Set lists the Rules used and the Records affected.

Basic Options tab

The No. column gives the numerical order in which the Rules were applied.

Each Rule has a number, a Title and an Action. Some Rules have the same Title but a choice of Actions chosen via the Extra Options tab.

Each Record is listed with the input Line number of the Text affected. A blank or recurring Line number indicates where the Text has been synthesised by one Rule and reprocessed by another. Double-click on the Record to open its Property Box.

If a Rule is used more than the Max rule use Basic Option, then the Text column says it is used too many times, so only some examples are listed. This restricts the size of the Result Set, especially useful on very large databases.

See Basic Options, Extra Options, Output Formats and F.A.Q. for further details.

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