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There is a free version of Heredis for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Visit https://www.heredis.com/en/ for details.

The free trial for Windows & Mac is limited to 50 Individuals but allows unlimited GEDCOM import and tablet sharing.

All versions support Witnessed/Shared Events similar to fh.

See the Import Details for sharing the exported GEDCOM with all Heredis versions.

The settings below are based on Heredis 2019 for Windows and assume the other versions are similar.

In most fields every double @@ is converted to at otherwise those fields get rejected by Heredis.

Heredis accepts Character Set Encoding for ANSI and UTF-8 and all Unicode characters are supported.

Most Media conversion modes are supported.

See both the (HER+) Full Data Export Details and (HER-) Brief Data Export Details below.

(HER+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Std+) Full Data Standard GEDCOM 5.5 rules apply except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

★ Named List Entry (_LIST, _FLAG, _NOTE, _IDS)

See Extra Options tab Named List Entry 1 _LIST:

The details of each Named List are placed in a synthesised Source Record whose TITLe starts with Ω Named List:, and each associated Record has a link to the Source Record either directly or via a local Note (except for Submitter & Submission records that disallow such links).

★ File Root (_ROOT)

See Extra Options tab File Root 1 _ROOT:

The File Root details are placed in a synthesised Source Record whose TITLe starts with Ω File Root:, and the associated Individual Record is linked to this record.

The Individual Record itself is moved to just after the HEADer record to become the Root Person.

★ Other Tags (FILE, _VAR, _UID, SUBM)

These tag lines are all removed.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Name Fields (GIVN, SPFX, SURN, _USED)

Several Individual Name fields are moved to a labelled Record local Note otherwise they upset the name:
See Other Options tab Name Given 2 GIVN: that is moved to a Name Given: label.
See Other Options tab Surname Prefix 2 SPFX: that goes to a Surname Prefix: label.
See Other Options tab Surname 2 SURN: that is moved in to a Surname: label.
See Extra Options tab Given Name 2 _USED: that is moved to a Given Name: label.

★ Witness Role (_SHAR, _SHAN, ROLE)

See Extra Options tab Witness Role 2 _SHA%u:

Each witness role is converted to a Heredis Witness using ASSO and TITL tags.

★ Individual/Family Tags (EDUC, PROP, AFN, ALIA, ANCI, DESI, NMR, NCHI, SUBM, CENS (family))

Each tag is converted to a synthetic custom Event using the EVEN tag with any value on the same line, to prevent them becoming User Fields. The tags RELI, SSN, DSCR, NATI, IDNO, CAST, RIN & RFN are left to become User Fields as they are less likely to need Date and Place details.

★ Pedigree (PEDI, _PEDI)

The child Pedigree status is converted to Heredis Child Status using the _FIL tag.

★ Address Fields (ADDR, ADR1, ADR2, CITY, STAE, POST, CTRY)

See Extra Options tab Fact Address 2 ADDR:

All address fields are converted to a Fact local Note with a Fact Address: label.

★ Source Citation (SOUR)

Any Source Citation or Source Note attached to a Note is moved to a parent tag where possible or is deleted.

Note Records (NOTE)

The text on the NOTE tag line is moved to a 1 CONC tag in every Note Record to prevent it being excluded in the iOS version.

Source Records (SOUR)

The Source Type (_TYPE) is converted to a TYPE tag and all other fields retained.

Repository Records (REPO)

★ Record E-mail, Website (_EMAIL, _WEB)

See Extra Options tab Record E-mail 1 _EMAIL: & Record Website 1 _WEB:

Each custom tag is converted to either the EMAIL or WWW tag.

Submitter & Submission Records (SUBM, SUBN)

Each Submitter & Submission record is converted to a synthetic Source record named Ω Submitter: or Ω Submission: plus the record Name and Id, with all details in the local Note.

Date Field (DATE)

See Extra Options tab Date Field %d DATE:

Date field Periods using both FROM and TO are converted to BET and AND.

Updated Change (CHAN)

See Extra Options tab Update 1 CHAN:

The Updated CHANge date/time tags are all removed, except within INDIvidual and FAMily records.

(HER-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Std-) Brief Data Standard GEDCOM 5.5 rules apply together with the (HER+) Full Data Export Details defined above, except that all the Header Record (HEAD) tags mentioned are removed.

Import Details

Run Heredis for Windows or Heredis for Mac and on its File > Home Page click Open a GEDCOM File to choose the fh Plugin Export folder and the Project…HER ANSI.ged file to import.

Then accept all the default options to load the project and its media. The Importing Options may assign some facts to User Fields as per Individual/Family Tags above.

Heredis for Windows 2019 Home Page

To share with Heredis for Android running on a tablet use one of these methods :-

  • Use the File > Share on Local Network command with the Android tablet on the same WiFi network.
  • Use the File > Prepare for > Android command to create a .hmwz file that is transferred via USB cable, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

To share with Heredis for iOS running on an iPad use one of these methods :-

  • Use the File > Share on Local Network command with the iPad on the same WiFi network.
  • Use the File > Prepare for > iTunes command to create a .hmwit file that is transferred via iTunes.
  • Send an Email with a Heredis .hmw file attachment and open that using Heredis for iOS.

Some of those sharing methods may not function in some Heredis versions. Usually the most effective method is to Share on Local Network.

Heredis for Windows Error Message

When run from a non-Administrator account it may say An error has been detected. Please reinstall the software.

The solution requires a patch to the Windows Registry for the non-Administrator account.
The key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\Locales and must hold the Heredis application path, which for Heredis for Windows 2019 on a 64-bit PC is C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BSD Concept\\Heredis 2019 World\\Heredis2019.exe and that must have the value ENU.

Some sample .reg files to set that key are provided below:

Download the .zip compressed file and extract to a .reg file, which may need to be edited using a plain text editor such as Notepad to correct the Heredis application path before running the .reg file.

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