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Export Gedcom File ~ (FST) Family Search Family Tree


The FamilySearch website allows GEDCOM files to be uploaded to a Pedigree Resource File as described in the Import Details below.

All the (Std) Standard GEDCOM 5.5 rules apply except as defined below.

Export Details

FamilySearch accepts export character encoding for ANSI & UTF-8, and all Unicode characters are supported.

By default all Media are excluded because FamilySearch does not upload them.

Currently there are no special rules for FamilySearch but may be included in the next Plugin version.

Only the following subset of details are displayed in FamilySearch:

  • Primary Names and Sex
  • Standard Events with Date & Place only (No Attributes, Custom Events, LDS, and no Address, Age, Note fields)
  • Alternate Names
  • Source records with Title & Author only
  • Local & shared Individual & Family record Notes

Import Details

FamilySearch offers Gedcom upload, but does not automatically create a Family Tree. Instead it requires people in the Gedcom file to be manually linked to people in the Family Tree as explained in Uploading GEDCOM files and copying the information to Family Tree. However, it does allow the Gedcom file to be searched as a Pedigree Resource File that can display basic hourglass family trees.

Sign in to FamilySearch and use Search > Genealogies then click the Submit Tree button at the bottom.

If intending to update a previously uploaded Gedcom file, then under My Uploaded Files use the Dustbin icon Delete your uploaded tree on the right to remove that previous version, and wait one hour before uploading the new version to allow the index to be removed. (Note that the adjacent Download your original GEDCOM icon does not work.)

To Submit Your Trees use the red Add GEDCOM button. In the Upload Your GEDCOM dialogue, Browse to choose the ƒh Plugin Export folder and the Project…FST UTF8.ged file, enter a Tree Name and Description, then click the Upload button.

Under My Uploaded Files, once the Status says Uploaded, you may contribute your Gedcom to the Family Tree by clicking the blue Compare button, but that is NOT necessary to use the Pedigree Resource File features.

Allow one hour for the Gedcom file to be indexed, then return to Search > Genealogies. Enter a Deceased Ancestor's Name and any other search details. Initially choose a person with unusual details, unlikely to exist in any other Pedigree Resource File. They must also not be a living person. Scroll down and choose Pedigree Resource File from the All drop-list before clicking Search.

When the chosen person is listed, click on their Name to display their details with an hourglass family tree centred on that person. Make a note of the Ancestral File Number unique to that person if provided, and Submission ID of the Pedigree Resource File shown lower left.

Thereafter, in Search > Genealogies enter the Ancestral File Number (AFN) to retrieve that one person, or the Submission ID to restrict the search to your Pedigree Resource File, where leaving other fields blank will list every deceased person. Living people will only be shown in an hourglass family tree centred on a deceased ancestor.

In a family tree, click left/right arrows to expand descendants/ancestors, click down arrows to list spouses or children, and click any name to display their details on the left. Click the View Tree link top left to display their hourglass family tree.

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