Export Gedcom File ~ Extra Options

All of the export formatting Rules that offer alternative Action choices can be selected here.

These settings are remembered independently for the (+) Full Data and (-) Brief Data option of each Gedcom Export Mode.

Extra Options tab

The initial default settings can be restored by using the Reset these … Options button.

Each Rule choice gives its Title with the custom tag involved, and the drop-list offers the alternative Actions available.

Tags with %u allow an upper case letter in that position, and those with %d allow any digit.

The tags starting with %d can apply to any level digit from 1 - 9 unless the name starts with underscore ( _ ) then level 1 is excluded.

The tick options offer the following features :-

  • Tidy Places & Addresses tidies comma & space separators in Place & Address fields
  • Export Fact Definitions allows Tools > Fact Type definitions to be included in the Gedcom
  • Insert Synthetic Prefix governs the Ω (ZZ) prefix on synthesised Events and Records
  • Avoid Repeat Captions omits duplicate Link/Note Caption Note text in Media Records

See the Basic Options, Other Options, Label Options, Output Formats and F.A.Q. for further details.

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