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This allows a note to be quickly created in Evernote.

It requires Evernote to be installed in order to run.

To use simply select the person you want to create a note for and edit the title as you want and enter any comments you would like in the note and click OK.

You can set default keywords by clicking on the Edit Keywords and change the template using the Edit Template button, both are stored by Project so you can have different templates and keywords for different Projects.

All notes are created in your default import folder on Evernote, which can be set in preferences in Evernote.

Evernote plugin

Edit Keywords

Please enter Keywords separated by commas. If you have Evernote 5 or above keywords will be created during the import, if you are using Evernote 4 only keywords which already exist will be imported.

Edit Template

The template is an XML/HTML document with replacement variables for values to be inserted from Family Historian.

Evernote is very precise about the format of the xml imported, any problems in the template cause one of two effects either than note is blank or the note will refuse to sync. So when editing the template ensure you always use <div> … </div> for new lines (not <br />) and close any opening tags.

Replacement values

All replacement values are enclosed within {}

Simple Values

  • {ref} Selected Record Reference
  • {title} the title entered
  • {comment} the comment entered
  • {project} the project file
  • {projectname} The project title

Data References

Any data reference which starts with INDI. can be used and replaced in the template, do not include the % % around the reference.

So for example:

  • {INDI.NAME} will be replaced with the name of the current individual
  • {INDI.FAMC[1]>HUSB[1]} will be replaced with the name of the Father of the current individual

Prefixes and Suffixes are supported for any data reference

To specify simply enter as follows {reference|prefix|suffix} both the prefix and suffix are optional, but a prefix must be used if a suffix is required, even if it's only a space.

When data for the data reference does not exist the prefix and suffix will not be added to the file.

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