Change Any Fact Tag ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V3.0

  • Fix bug that omitted any long Fact Name/Label that had no Abbreviation
  • Improved algorithm for searching Fact Set definitions
  • Library modules updated to latest version for safer IUP GUI

Features of V2.9

  • Adds the ability to select a subset of Records to the Filter Options

Features of V2.8

  • Fixes V2.7 mishandling of Fact Set files with Facts that have no Hidden status, resulting in Fact Labels being omitted, and their Fact Tags appearing in <Custom Facts>.

Features of V2.7

  • Fixes V2.6 mishandling of Witness ROLE FH V6 Fact definitions
  • Fixes V2.6 mishandling of <hidden> Events Baptism, Christening, Annulment, or Divorce

Features of V2.6

  • Copes with Fact Names that are <hidden> or <eclipsed> due to Fact Types settings
  • Place filters now also match EMIG/IMMIgration Event To/From _PLAC values

Features of V2.5

  • Copes with Custom Fact names the same as Standard Fact or Defined Tag names
  • Date filters now match both LONG format, and COMPACT format as shown in the Property Box

Features of V2.4

  • Supports V6.0 features such as Place records and Unicode characters

Features of V2.3

  • Moved Status & Settings to a separate tab to de-clutter dialogue
  • General overhaul of the dialogue windows to improve ease of use
  • Change to support the V5.0.2 fhCreateItem FILE/FORM update
  • Added Version in Store check and Version History and F.A.Q. help

Features of V2.2

Features of V2.1

Features of V2.0

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