Change Any Fact Tag Plugin

This Plugin allows any Individual Fact, or Family Fact, or other GEDCOM Tag, to be deleted or changed provided that is valid. It supports Standard Facts, Custom Facts, GEDCOM Tags, and UDF Tags. Initially use this Plugin on a copy of your data until satisfied with the results.

Change Any Fact Tag Plugin The user interface involves several sections:

See the Usage Examples and Frequently Asked Questions for further advice.

Use Obtain Help & Advice button to display these online help pages.

Use QUIT Plugin and UNDO Edits button to quit the Plugin and roll back any alterations.

Use CLOSE Plugin and KEEP Edits button to close the Plugin retaining all the alterations.

In Family Historian use Edit > Undo Plugin Updates to roll back all changes before closing the program.

CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International
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