Change Any Fact Tag ~ Usage Example 2

The scenario for this example is that Ancestral Sources has been used to capture Census information recorded in Residence Facts, as some genealogists prefer, instead of Census Facts. However, there has been a change of heart and all such Residence Facts need changing to Census Facts.

Thus every Residence Fact with a Census Date needs to become a Census Fact with all other data and Citations retained. You could set Source Tag to Standard » Residence and Target Tag to Standard » Census, then use the Confirm Edit window to inspect each Date to decide which entries to change. But setting the Date Filter Option to 31 Mar 1901 for the 1901 Census, and similar dates in turn for other Census years, automatically excludes all Residence Facts with the wrong date.

The Family Historian Sample Project has no Residence Facts with a genuine Census Date, so this example uses the Date of 1947 instead, to select a subset of the Residence Facts.

Set the filter Date to 1947, and set Source Tag to Standard » Residence and Target Tag to Standard » Census, then click the Residence to Census button.

In the Confirm Edit window click the Change all the Rest button and just one or two Facts will be changed, as evidenced by the Status & Settings tab Data Counts, the View & Delete Log Files, and the Output Result Set.

Note how the Date, Place, Address, and Note fields are all retained by the conversion.

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