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Single Page PDF of a Diagram: 45 Hits
====== Single Page PDF of a Diagram ====== {{entry>Printing/Diagrams/Large Charts;See Index for relate... y Historian]] ({{fh}}) **V2 & V3** do not support PDF format, but there are a large number of free or low cost [[FHUGdownloads:PDFcreate#PDF Creators]] available. Creating a single page PDF can be a great way to send large **Diagrams** to a [[
Downloads and Links ~ PDF Utilities: 17 Hits
====== Downloads and Links ~ PDF Utilities ====== ===== Description ===== ==== PDF Converters ==== To convert PDF documents to image files, use the [[.:Contents:pdf2jpg]] or a similar tool, or an online conversion se
Utility ~ GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 and Draft Release 5.5.1: 17 Hits
the current [[Glossary:GEDCOM]] specifications in PDF and HTML formats, as implemented within {{fh}}, w... ==== {{pushfile>:fhugdownloads:contents:gedcom55.pdf|GEDCOM Release 5.5 PDF}} from FHUG Downloads [[|GEDCOM Release 5.5 PDF & GEDCOM Draft Release 5.5.1 PDF]] from Family Se
Family Historian Installation Problems: 12 Hits
nters & scanners**, select the **Family Historian PDF** pseudo-printer, and click **Manage** button, th... ces and Printers**, select the **Family Historian PDF** pseudo-printer, and choose **File > Set as defa... ing the default **Printer** to **Family Historian PDF**, and if this fixes the problem, then your print... ion 5** does not have the problem. ===== Save As PDF File Output is Not Enabled ===== Sometimes, even
Utility ~ PDF-XChange Editor: 10 Hits
====== Utility ~ PDF-XChange Editor ====== ===== Description ===== The smallest, fastest, most feature-rich **FREE** PDF editor/viewer available! View, Edit, Annotate, OCR and Digitally Sign PDF files plus much more... See [[|PDF-XChange Editor]] for details w
Family Historian Documentation: 9 Hits
} **Versions 3**, **4** & **5** included a free **PDF** copy, and used installed **//Tutorial Files//**. The {{fh}} **V5** free **PDF** Book and **//Tutorial Files//** can be download... programs/getting_the_most_from_family_historian_5.pdf|PDF Format]] or via the {{fh}} **V5** menubar **Help > Book: //"Getting the Most From Family Historian
Family Historian V5/V4 & Ancestral Sources V4 on Crossover & Wine: 9 Hits
2008/2010** needed by FH. * **Family Historian PDF (novaPDF printer)** that is inoperable. See [[#Re... er **Problems With Plugins**. ===== Printing and PDF ===== All FH **Print Setup** and **Print** optio... |PDFWriter]] for **Mac** offers a way of creating PDF output via the FH **Print** commands rather than the FH **Save Diagram/Report As > PDF File (.pdf)** commands. ===== Reported Problems
Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine: 9 Hits
so must be updated manually. ===== Printing and PDF ===== All FH **Print Setup** and **Print** optio... |PDFWriter]] for **Mac** offers a way of creating PDF output via the FH **Print** commands rather than the FH **Save Diagram/Report As > PDF File (.pdf)** commands. FIXME ~ Does **cups pdf** offer a similar capability for **Linux**? ===== R
Dillington Course Notes: 8 Hits
tails ===== * {{:research:course:1_introduction.pdf|Introduction}} * {{:research:course:making_a_start.pdf|Making a Start}} * {{:research:course:3_certificates.pdf|Certificates}} * {{:research:course:4_census.pdf|Census}} * {{:research:course:parish_records.pdf|
Report Tips and Tricks: 7 Hits
lternatively, use the **Report > Save Report As > PDF File** option to save as a **Portable Document Fo... ronically.\\ It seems that the **Family Historian PDF** Nova print utility upsets **Adobe OpenType** fo... rueType** fonts are alright. **Microsoft Print to PDF** is even worse, but [[fhugdownloads:contents:pri... or multiple pages use **Report > Save Report As > PDF File** and convert using a PDF to image file util
Utility ~ PDF To Image File Converter: 6 Hits
====== Utility ~ PDF To Image File Converter ====== ===== Description ===== This small simple program allows **PDF** documents to be converted into **JPG**, **BMP**... mage files. Very useful for converting downloaded PDF documents so they can be used as **Multimedia** t... rian**. Visit [[|PDF To JPG Converter]] for further details, screen-sh
Utility ~ PDF-XChange Lite: 6 Hits
====== Utility ~ PDF-XChange Lite ====== ===== Description ===== This is one of several 'virtual printer' PDF file creators. See [[]] for more details. ===== Instal... ===== [[|PDF-XChange Lite]] ===== Related Pa
Utility ~ eDocPrinter PDF Pro: 5 Hits
====== Utility ~ eDocPrinter PDF Pro ====== ===== Description ===== This is one of several 'virtual printer' PDF file creators. See [[]] fo... ls. ===== User Comments ===== I use eDocPrinter PDF Pro, which is a pay for product. The main reason ... load ===== [[|eDocPrinter PDF Pro]] ===== Related Pages ===== {{backlinks>.}}
Adding Photographs and Other Multimedia: 5 Hits
**Document Files** in textual formats such as **PDF** or **DOCX** can be added, but will not be autom... Related Forum postings: * [[topic>t=15007|View PDF files​]] May 2017 * [[topic>t=13121|Multi-page ... ort]] March 2015 * [[topic>t=12124|Problem with PDF media in FH on new Win 8]] January 2015 * [[top... ct]] September 2014 * [[topic>t=10207|Importing PDF Files]] February 2013 ===== Photo Orientation ==
Utility ~ Bullzip PDF Printer: 5 Hits
Utility ~ PDF Creator: 5 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.0: 4 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 4 Hits
Family Tree Tips ~ Diagram Hyperlinks PDF: 4 Hits
Service ~ Scotland GRO Certificate Ordering: 4 Hits
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Utility ~ CutePDF Writer: 4 Hits
Utility ~ Parallels Desktop Virtualization: 4 Hits
Family Tree ~ Tips and Tricks and Popups: 3 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 4 – Add Items for Table of Contents: 3 Hits
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Manual - Getting the Most From Family Historian: 3 Hits
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Family Historian Version 2.3 User Manual: 2 Hits
Family Historian Version 3 User Manual: 2 Hits
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