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Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 25 Hits
ir spouses; and also (optionally) event/attribute notes, event/attribute addresses, record notes, marriage notes, shared notes, private notes, and more. You can also include pictures and sources. See also the discussi
Research Planner: 20 Hits
. * It must have a **[[how_to:research_planner#notes|Note]]**, which you will use to record the progre... er#links_to_sources_repositories_media_and_shared_notes|Sources (and their Repositories), Media Items, and/or shared Notes.]] You can create the Task fact manually, as lon... ner won't display them without modification. === Notes === This (in addition to the Task Title) is the
Note Records: 16 Hits
to store a note. In Family Historian you can keep notes about almost anything, and these are normally kep... pyright (c) 2002-2016 Calico Pie Limited// ===== Notes ===== There are many and varied methods of entering notes in FH explained much better in the FH manual, so please refer to that on how to enter notes. This entry is on what use they are. Note records
Step 6 Import your FTM GEDCOM back into FH: 12 Hits
investigation required. Below are a few initial notes about opening an FTM exported GEDCOM in FH. The G... | Note Records | **A** Discuss | FTM exports most notes as note records which clutters FH and sometimes p... ut the address. Also INDI, NOTE and lots of empty notes too. These note records output by FTM need to be a fact or record local note. The Clean Up Notes plugin appears to fix this issue. For info, FH ex
Import from Generations Family Tree: 11 Hits
required (see [[#Keeping Required Custom Tags and Notes]] below). ===== Export your Gedcom File from Gen... e has now been exported. ===== Fixing the Source Notes ===== Generations exports source text incorrectl... nrecognised Data lines. ===== Inline Sources for Notes ===== These are not supported for {{fh}}, but y... ta ===== To correct any additional problems with Notes and Sources linked to them - Download and Inst
Report Type ~ Source Summary and Notes: 10 Hits
====== Report Type ~ Source Summary and Notes ====== ===== Description ===== Standard Source summary with the first two linked notes and the first two local notes added. Produced by admin (23/03/05) {{ source_summary_with_notes_report.png?600 |Source Summary with Notes Report
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 9 Hits
to crash FH by following these steps: Select the Notes tab for an individual, click the Add Note button,... d…”, click OK, click the New… button. Back in the Notes tab, immediately (before entering any text) click... iously unticking the option ‘Inc. %%[[Private]]%% Notes’ prevented private text from appearing in reports... ted websites and CDs, unless the text occurred in notes for Citations and Sources. Now the scope of the ‘
Query:Individual ~ Find Individuals with Local Notes: 8 Hits
== Query:Individual ~ Find Individuals with Local Notes ====== ===== Description ===== **Find all People with Local Notes**: May be used to create a Named List from the Qu... an delete People from this List as you action the Notes. The Query Result Set shows both the local Note and any Note Record. **Individual Notes**: Identical to above Query but does not show any
Step 2 Create a GEDCOM using the FH Export Plugin v1.7-2.0: 7 Hits
Frame Area co-ordinates are preserved in labelled Notes, together with all other Media settings. | | Fold... s created for each FH Place to retain place data, notes and objects. | === Options for: REPOsitory data ... ately composed Reference Note. | | Citation local Notes | Move to TEXT From Source | **OK:** Citation tag... ve no links to them therefore the tabs for Links, Notes and Media are disabled. To see details double cli
Ancestral Sources Version History: 7 Hits
that Ancestral Sources didn't retain 'last change notes' when a record was updated. This is because the AS author didn't realise that these notes even existed! This had never been reported in 11 ... the option to change these witness roles to local notes instead. *There is now an extended birth suppo... occupation with an existing occupation, new local notes will now not be added if an existing identical lo
Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Readme Release Notes: 6 Hits
Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Readme Release Notes ====== ===== Original Release Notes ===== ACC2GED v1.0 - 13th August, 1998. Copyright (c) D.J.Cooke... ive implementation, in particular its handling of notes fields is limited, but it is free for personal us... m will look for additional FAMS references in the notes fields. These must take the form xFAMSxxx, where
Import from Legacy Family Tree (LFT): 5 Hits
NOT__ tick **Move Event Descriptions to the Event Notes field** as that will also move **Attribute** desc... Record Numbers ==== The way **Legacy** exports **Notes**, can mean that {{fh}} prior to **Version 6.2.5*... hat **Note Records** were used instead of local **Notes** on some **Facts**, and can be fixed using the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=7|Clean Up Notes]] Plugin. Use the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Edit Links and Media: 5 Hits
s within the Knowledge Base|this subsection]]. Notes: * Links to [[:Home|existing pages]] are shown... k text, you must use the square brackets syntax. Notes: * If a chosen external destination [[http://d... follows the [[#Namespace Conventions]] above. Notes: * If you specify a filename (internal or exte... dth and height: {{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png?200x50}} Notes: * When the aspect ratio of the given width a
Import from Family Tree Maker (FTM): 5 Hits
s to include such as **private facts**, **private notes**, or **media files**. - Press **OK**. Versions... eath Cause** to be easily detected and multiple **Notes** merged. * With **FTM 2017** the **CONC**aten... that **Note Records** are used instead of local **Notes** on **Facts**, and can be fixed using the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=7|Clean Up Notes]] Plugin. ===== Import Discussions ===== See th
Import from The Master Genealogist (TMG): 5 Hits
Family Historian Version 6.2.7: 5 Hits
Compendium of Conversion Plugins: 5 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ (ANC) Ancestry Family Tree: 5 Hits
A brief summary of project status: 4 Hits
Import from Ancestry website: 4 Hits
Family Historian Version 5.0.11: 4 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.1.2: 4 Hits
Family Historian Installation Details: 3 Hits
Special Records: 3 Hits
Convert Note Records to Local Notes: 3 Hits
Getting Started with Genealogy Research: 3 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options ~ (2) Census Settings: 3 Hits
Family Records: 3 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ (FTM) Family Tree Maker: 3 Hits
Workspace 2: Records Window: 2 Hits
Place Records: 2 Hits
Individual Record Notes: 2 Hits
Glossary of Features: 2 Hits
Formal Database Structure: 2 Hits
Planning and Tracking Your Research: 2 Hits
Formatting Syntax: 2 Hits
Utility ~ ADDNOTE - Full Descendant Report: 2 Hits
Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Using Other Data: 2 Hits
Report Options ~ Main or Contents Tab: 2 Hits
Page Formatting ~ Links to Elsewhere: 2 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Templates ~ (4) Associated Persons: 2 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.0: 2 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.0: 2 Hits
Formatting Syntax: 2 Hits
Move Family Historian Settings and Projects: 2 Hits
Dillington Course Notes: 2 Hits
Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates: 2 Hits
Family Historian: 2 Hits
Map Query: 2 Hits
Import from Personal Ancestral File (PAF): 2 Hits
Import from MyHeritage (MYH): 2 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ Version History: 2 Hits
Family Historian Documentation: 2 Hits
Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media: 2 Hits
Property Box Dialogue: 1 Hits
Property Box Dialogue: Individuals: Facts Tab: 1 Hits
Utility ~ TMG to FH Gedcom Converter: 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Blank Death Finder: 1 Hits
Search and Replace ~ Usage Examples: 1 Hits
Property Box Dialogue: Individuals: Notes Tab: 1 Hits
Service ~ One-Name Study Techniques: 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Record IDs (Superseded): 1 Hits
Custom Reports: 1 Hits
Utility ~ PSPad phReplace Multiline Search and Replace: 1 Hits
Query and Spreadsheet: Multimedia File Links: 1 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Records Tab Statistics: 1 Hits
Display long text such as Notes: 1 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Facts Tab Statistics: 1 Hits
Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM): 1 Hits
Evernote To Do: 1 Hits
Events and Attributes: 1 Hits
Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Summary Findings: 1 Hits
Separate BMD Sources: 1 Hits
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Alternative Approach: 1 Hits
Version Control And File Naming Advice: 1 Hits
Genealogy Presentations: 1 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options ~ (4) Marriage Settings: 1 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options ~ (1) General Settings: 1 Hits
Useful Research Web Sites: 1 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options ~ (3) Baptism Settings: 1 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Census ~ (3) Populate the Census Grid: 1 Hits
Diagram Drag: 1 Hits
Improve Website or CD DVD HTML ~ Hyperlinks / Text Tab: 1 Hits
Export: 1 Hits
Using a Text Editor with GEDCOM Files: 1 Hits
Family Historian Help Index: 1 Hits
About Family Historian: 1 Hits
Understanding Projects: 1 Hits
Report Options ~ Privacy Tab: 1 Hits
Import from Genbox (How To): 1 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 1 – Choose Privacy Options: 1 Hits
Family Tree Tips ~ Recommended Support Tools: 1 Hits
Step 4 Prepare your FTM data for use in Ancestry: 1 Hits
Step 1 Prepare your FH data for exchange with FTM: 1 Hits
Import from RootsMagic (RM): 1 Hits
Import from The Next Generation (TNG): 1 Hits
Family Historian Version 6.0: 1 Hits
Understanding Expressions: 1 Hits
Change Any Fact Tag ~ Warning Message: 1 Hits
Lookup Missing Census Facts ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 1 Hits
Standard Report Types: 1 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ (FST) Family Search Family Tree: 1 Hits
Source Records: 1 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ (GSP) GedStar Pro for Android: 1 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ Output Media Style: 1 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ (Std) Standard Gedcom 5.5: 1 Hits
Named Lists: 1 Hits
Multimedia Records: 1 Hits
Merge/Compare File: 1 Hits
Individual Records: 1 Hits
Delete Data For Living People: 1 Hits
Lookup Missing BMD Records ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 1 Hits
Family Historian Program Data Folder: 1 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Baptism ~ (1) Enter Baptism Information: 1 Hits