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Move Family Historian Settings and Projects: 11 Hits
====== Move Family Historian Settings and Projects ====== ===== Introduction ===== Sooner or later eve... 4 and Above - Projects ===== The simplest way to move these is to copy the entire folder to the new com... e such as a USB pen drive memory stick. This will move the [[Glossary:Gedcom]] file itself, all your lin... = Transferring the Folders ===== The best way to move these items is to copy the **Calico Pie** folder
Compendium of Conversion Plugins: 10 Hits
py LatLong in Name to LatLong}}**\\ V6+ Plugin to move every Lat,Long at end of **Place Name** to associ... s]] Feb 2016. * **{{pushfile>:how_to:importing:move_uncat_to_address.fh_lua|Move _UNCAT to Address}}**\\ V5+ Plugin to move any **_UNCAT UDF** to **Address** for every **Event** & **RE
Step 2 Create a GEDCOM using the FH Export Plugin v1.7-2.0: 9 Hits
m FTM's Home Person. Optionally one might want to move the _ROOT tag to a Source Record Note linked to t... Use "" in Name and Note | **OK:** NICK and _USED move to NAME correctly (I assume the 1 ALIA option sti... opic ^ Action ^ Note ^ | Whole Record Citations | Move to custom EVENt | **OK:** INDI custom EVENt Ω <wh... mposed Reference Note. | | Citation local Notes | Move to TEXT From Source | **OK:** Citation tags (PAGE
Family Historian Version 5.0.11: 6 Hits
elative trees, in the Diagram Window, you can now move siblings past the point where an ancestor’s line ... u can now re-order siblings or spouses, using the Move Up/Move Down buttons (unless the sibling move is ambiguous in which case you will get a message to that effect)
Import From PAF ~ User Options: 5 Hits
**Census** & **Biography**), then **<color green>Move all Note Tags</color>** keeps **Biography** text ... r moved to the **Custom Id** field. Choose the **Move _UID UDF to** destination option, and then use the **<color green>Move all _UID UDF</color>** button. === _AKA UDF Fram... moved to a valid field or deleted. Choose the **Move _AKA UDF to** destination option, and then use th
Search and Replace ~ Manage Presets: 4 Hits
Presets into **Project List** | ^ <color green>Move Up</color> | to move the chosen Preset up the List | ^ <color green>Move Down</color> | to move a chosen Preset down the List | ^ <color red>Unlock</color>
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Alternative Approach: 4 Hits
e guides explain how to create, delete, rename or move Pages within Namespaces, and update cross-referen... f necessary) * [[Create and Manage Pages#How to Move or Rename a Page|Rename/Move a Page]] ~ rename or move a page * [[Create and Manage Pages#Alternative Index Entries]] ~ provide pa
Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 4 Hits
w work as an alternative (and rather good) way to move the selection and browse a diagram. Left and Right arrow keys move you along the current row. Up and Down arrow keys move you up or down the current tree. The selected nod... ". If there are multiple John Smiths, press F3 to move forward through each of them. ===== 6. A Number
Ancestral Sources Version History: 4 Hits
so that the current view will be retained as you move between them. *Robin Dew requested support for... all of the text is selected. Pressing F2 will now move the cursor to the end of the cell to allow the us... r to edit the text. Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left will move to start of next/previous word. Shift+Ctrl+Left/R... restored to a file. This should make it easier to move settings between computers or restore settings fo
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 4 Hits
ing //Work with External File Links//), or if you move or resize a ‘frame’. * Thumbnail loading has b... Preferences option (in the File Load/Save tab) to move invalid data into a Note field, if that’s possibl... for same sex relationships – now fixed. * The Move Up and Move Down arrow buttons in the Linked Records list, in the Multimedia Window (middle panel of th
Import from Legacy Family Tree (LFT): 4 Hits
et different data exported * Do __NOT__ tick **Move Event Descriptions to the Event Notes field** as that will also move **Attribute** descriptions for facts such as **Occupation** ({{fh}} will move the Event descriptions) * Do tick **Don't conve... > Preferences > File Load/Save** and __untick__ **Move invalid data into note fields where possible**.
Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Omit Non-Duplicates Tab: 3 Hits
[Result Set|Result Set]]. Use the **<color green>Move All</color>** button to simply move all entries. Otherwise, use the **<color green>Select All</color>**... o select the entries, then use the **<color green>Move Selected</color>** button. {{ omitnonduplicate
Import from Family Tree Maker (FTM): 2 Hits
> Preferences > File Load/Save** and __untick__ **Move invalid data into note fields where possible** to... s > Preferences > File Load/Save** and __tick__ **Move invalid data into note fields where possible** to
Family Historian Version 4.0: 2 Hits
rance, customize it (even add custom tabs to it), move it, resize it, or ‘dock’ it to the side of the ap... eviously colours were restricted). There is a new move within row/column option to allow better use to b
Import from Ancestry website: 2 Hits
Import from The Master Genealogist (TMG): 2 Hits
Family Historian FAQs: 2 Hits
Version Control And File Naming Advice: 2 Hits
Family Historian Installation Details: 2 Hits
Family Historian: 2 Hits
About Family Historian: 2 Hits
Import From PAF ~ Note Tag Features: 2 Hits
Rearrange Address and Place Parts ~ Mapping Options: 2 Hits
Query Window ~ Rows Tab: 2 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ (ANC) Ancestry Family Tree: 2 Hits
Rearrange Address and Place Parts Plugin: 2 Hits
Knowledge Base Editing ~ Create/Delete Pages: 2 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.0: 2 Hits
Research Planner: 2 Hits
Family Historian Installation Advice: 2 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Census ~ (3) Populate the Census Grid: 2 Hits
Core Standard Diagrams: 1 Hits
Export to Genes Reunited and Ancestry: 1 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.1.2: 1 Hits
Merge/Compare File: 1 Hits
Windows 10 Upgrade Tips: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Folder Marker: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Census CSV to GEDCOM Conversion: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Dropbox: 1 Hits
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Intermediate User Guide: 1 Hits
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Create And Manage Pages: 1 Hits
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Knowledge Base Editing Reference: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Link Shell Extension: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Microsoft OneDrive (SkyDrive): 1 Hits
Utility ~ Google Drive: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Path Length Checker: 1 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options ~ (1) General Settings: 1 Hits
Utility ~ TMG to FH Gedcom Converter: 1 Hits
Query and Spreadsheet: Multimedia File Links: 1 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Synchronise and Backup Tools: 1 Hits
Changing Relations: 1 Hits
Sorting Children, Spouses & Facts into Order: 1 Hits
Understanding the Scope of Features: 1 Hits
Recording Grandchildren: 1 Hits
Map Query: 1 Hits
Family Historian on 64-bit Windows Variants: 1 Hits
Build Data Reference Functions (code snippet): 1 Hits
Loop All Facts for an Individual (code snippet): 1 Hits
Import From PAF ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 1 Hits
Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 1 Hits
Progress Bar (code snippet): 1 Hits
Preserve Window Position and Size (code snippet): 1 Hits
Import from Generations Family Tree: 1 Hits
Import from Genbox (How To): 1 Hits
before you even begin (Old Version to be Deleted?): 1 Hits
Changing External File Links: 1 Hits
Sharing Data using a USB Stick: 1 Hits
Before You Even Begin: 1 Hits
Family Tree Tips ~ Recommended Support Tools: 1 Hits
Create an export Gedcom based on a diagram: 1 Hits
Create Work In Progress or Research To Do Lists: 1 Hits
How to Handle People With Multiple Names: 1 Hits
Upload Web Pages (How To): 1 Hits
Family Historian Help Index: 1 Hits
Family Historian & Ancestral Sources on Oracle VirtualBox: 1 Hits
Step 1 Prepare your FH data for exchange with FTM: 1 Hits