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I hope this site may be of interest to a number of users: it contains just short of 5000 individuals and goes back hundreds of years. It contains many images, documents, articles, etc. many of which are of general historic interest, as well as of interest to particular families. Many family names are featured - WILSON, MURRAY (of Elibank), BADNALL, STEWART, HURLOCK, FITZGERALD, MARTIN, INGHAM (of Bermuda) are some of the principal ones.

I also hope that the site may be of interest to other FH users, as I have taken the basic template offered within the programme and expanded and developed it with Dreamweaver software; having previously been totally ignorant of html language, I have been surprised how easy it has been to add pages, links, images and the like. What has been amazing within the programme is how it has automatically made pages for nearly 5000 individuals, together with the many links, something which could not practicably be done manually. I would be delighted if you had a few minutes to peruse the site, and more so if you wished to leave a comment!

Philip Wilson

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