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New Design 2008

This is a re-vamped version of the site I listed just over two years ago. I am now using the tree generation software within Family Historian in place of GEDMill pro but using it as a page linked within my existing web site. This involved a bit of 'tweaking' of the html of the Familiy Historian 'home' page and some adjustment to the design of my web pages to bring the styles closer together but it seems to work well.

Old Design 2006

I have used an old version of Dreamweaver (V4) and GedMill Pro to create the site. GedMill Pro is still the best software I have seen for presenting all data, sources, pictures, etc. (My ISP does not support PHP.) However, I am considering changing this so that the web site displays just a simplified tree format (GedHTree looks favourite at the moment but advice welcomed) with the 'full monty' reserved for family and friends. This hopefully will still encourage related contacts but not put all my research and sources in the public domain uncontrolled.

User Comments

In 2013 created using Family Historian V3.

In 2015 the website no longer appears to use Family Historian web pages - Mike Tate.

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