What is a Wiki?

The definition of a Wiki is: A website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively.

This particular Wiki is designed to allow users of the Family Historian program, and its companion Ancestral Sources, to pool their knowledge and help both new and experienced users make better use of the programs and associated research techniques.

One unusual thing about a Wiki is that you are actively encouraged to edit and improve existing documents as well as to add new ones. So don't be shy, if you find something which needs expanding or has a spelling mistake, please feel free to correct and update the document. Every version of the page is recorded so if you do have a problem the administrators here can recover an earlier version.

There is an excellent guide to editing pages and using the Wiki at DokuWiki:Editing and further advice in the Contribute Your Knowledge guide.

However, to edit pages you will need to sign up and login to the Knowledge Base.


This version of the Wiki software is DokuWiki and is written in PHP. It stores all its data in text files and does not need MySQL to operate.

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