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   * [[http://​www.awin1.com/​awclick.php?​mid=2114&​id=207695|Buy a Find My Past Subscription]]   * [[http://​www.awin1.com/​awclick.php?​mid=2114&​id=207695|Buy a Find My Past Subscription]]
-==== Web Hosting ==== 
-[[http://​my.tsohost.com/​aff.php?​aff=1888|{{ :​info:​tsohost-small.png|TSOHOST}}]] 
-Looking to put your Family History on the Web,  FHUG is hosted by TSOHost who do a variety of web site packages at reasonable prices. ​ For example you can have a small FH style site, for around £14.99 a year, plus your domain name. 
-Quote **FHUG10** as a coupon code to get **10%** off your order 
-Please see [[fhugdownloads:​contents:​Service Tsohost|www.tsohost.com]] 
 ===== Donate ===== ===== Donate =====