Before You Even Begin

Think about where you will store your FH data

Once you install Family Historian it will create a Family Historian Projects Folder in your Documents Folder. This is a sensible default for your information as it should be a folder that you backup on a regular basis anyway.

However, if you want to change the location you can do so by clicking on the Project Location link at the base of the Project Window and selecting the folder you want to use instead. Project Window ~ Location link

Once you have changed the location, you can delete the original Family Historian Projects Folder.

If you want a copy of the Family Historian Sample Project either

  • Move the one from the default folder to your new folder, or
  • Click on the More Tasks… button then select Samples > Reset Sample Project

Backing Up

As with all your other information on your computer, such as photographs, documents, etc, you should ensure your backup systems include your Family Historian data, see Backup and Recovery for detailed instructions on backing up Family Historian.

Using FH on Two Computers

The user license agreement for Family Historian allows the installation on two computers as long as they are both for your own use and are not used concurrently, and many people these days use a Desktop and a Laptop computer when researching. There are several ways of keeping your information in step between the two computers: