Automatic Source Citation

The Automatic Source Citation is a very powerful tool in ensuring you remember to source all your entries. Prior to entering new information that originates from the same Source, switch on automatic source citation from the Tools Menu. In FH V6 there is an enhanced Automatic Source Citation pane that is opened by a dedicated toolbar button.

As the name suggests each new entry is assigned the source automatically. An example of use is the entry of a branch of a tree from another researcher where the source remains constant.

Where there is an entry already, autosource will not work, but by going to the All tab on the individual record and right clicking on the event there is an option to Paste Auto Citation.

See Help > "Getting the Most From Family Historian" Chapter 11/12 – Recording Your Sources for more details.

Animated Tutorial for V4 & V5

Animated Tutorial for V3 in XP