Report Options ~ Sources Tab

The Sources tab governs what Source Citation details are presented, and how any Multimedia images linked to Citations or Source records are displayed. It does not affect images linked directly to Individual or Family records, or their Facts, which are controlled by the Pictures tab.

The options are explained via its Help button, and are the same for all Reports that have this tab.

Missing or Small Images

:!: The default settings often result in too few images that are too small. Each of the Max. Pics Per Source, Max. Pics Per Citation, Max. Picture Height, and Max. Picture Width settings will often benefit from being larger.

The Enlarge Small Pictures to Max. Width option may also need to be ticked.

If despite the above adjustments, some Multimedia images do not appear at all, then check their Exclude from Reports setting. Open the appropriate Property Box of the Record to which the Multimedia image is linked. Select the Multimedia tab, choose the Media item, and click the Edit button to open the Edit Media Item window. The Exclude from Reports tick option is near the bottom right corner.

The Multimedia tab Preference determines the order that images are displayed in the Report.

Centralise Images

:!: It is not obvious how to centralise Multimedia images on the page, so use the following advice.

Set the Max. Picture Height and Max. Picture Width to large values such as 9" and tick Enlarge Small Pictures To Max. Width.

Click the Gaps… button and set both Gap to Left of Picture and Gap to Right of Picture to the same value such as 1" or 2" to centralise the image with that margin either side.