Family Historian Installation Advice


This section explains how to install or upgrade Family Historian (fh).

In the simple case of an upgrade on the same PC, just install fh over the existing version as explained in the bullet sections below. All your Project data and customisations should be inherited automatically by the new fh version.

Also it is more and more likely that someday you will update Windows or buy a new PC and need to re-install fh. When this happens you may need to repeat the fh installation sequence using the CD & Download Software and Registration Keys you used before. However, the Upgrade V4 to V5 and Upgrade V4/5 to V6 products have eliminated the need to install previous versions.

You will also need to carefully transfer all the essential settings and project data from the old PC to the new PC. If you are using fh V5+ Projects then the Family Historian V5 & V6 Migration Guide gives simple step by step instructions for migrating from PC to PC.

The following sections describe the whole installation process and possible problems in detail.

If you wish to install fh on an Apple Mac or Linux system without a Windows Licence then see Family Historian V5/V4 & Ancestral Sources V4 on Crossover & Wine or Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine.

Note that the Licence Agreement allows fh to be installed on two PC at the same time.