Multimedia File Formats


With Family Historian you can attach any file format to your data, but FH can only handle some of the formats internally. It is therefore preferable to use those supported formats where ever possible.


FIXME - Add a short description of format uses.

When you wish to add multimedia links to your file, there are several different options available on the Add menu (Insert menu prior to FH V4).

Some file types (such as .pdf) do NOT appear by default on any browse window, but by selecting the All files (*.*) option every file is listed and can be selected.

  • Document… allows you to add links to the following file types:
    • Word Documents (.doc, .docx)
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    • Plain Text Files (.txt)
    • MS Write Files (.wri))
  • Pictures… allows you to add links to files of the following supported types:
    • Bitmap Files (.bmp)
    • GIF Files (.gif) 1)
    • JPEG Files (.jpg, .jpeg)
    • PCX Files (.pcx)
    • Placeable Metafiles (.wmf)
    • PNG Files (.png)
    • Targa TGA Files (.tga)
    • TIFF Files (.tif, .tiff)
  • OLE Object… allows you to insert any file for which you have an application loaded on you PC. In other words it will open the associated application in order to view the file, rather than showing it within Family Historian itself. Choosing this option will give you a list of the main programs on your PC. For example if you have Microsoft Office Excel installed, then one of the items listed will be Microsoft Office Excel Chart. Note that in this case, you can only insert the object, you cannot create a link to it. As most people would agree the best practice is to create links instead, this option should not be used very often.
  • Other Multimedia… allows you to add links to the following file types:
    • Video (.mpg, .mpeg, .avi)
    • Sound (.wav, .mp3) 2)
    • MIDI Sequencer (.mid, .rmi, .midi)
    • GIF Pictures (.gif) 3)
Pictures… GIF Files (.gif) were not listed here prior to FH V4.
Other Multimedia… Sound (.mp3) files were not listed here prior to FH V4.
Other Multimedia… GIF Pictures (.gif) files were listed here prior to FH V4.