Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 3 – Choose Report Template


The Primary Page Type report template determines whether Individuals have their own page, or share a page with their spouse. If an Individual Report type is chosen then each Individual has their own page. If a Family Report type is chosen then couples share a page. In this case a Secondary Page Type report template must be chosen for unmarried Individuals with no Spouse Family Record.

See the Example Individual Page and Family Page layouts for the default report templates.


See the advice available via the Help button for further details about choosing which report type to use for each HTML page.

The Individual Summary Report (for Web, CD or DVD) (V5&V6) / (for Web or CD) (V3&V4) and the Family Group Sheet (for Web, CD or DVD) (V5&V6) / (for Web or CD) (V3&V4) are meant for use as these templates, but any listed report may be used. If you intend to produce various CD/DVD or Websites with different report options, then create a Custom Report Type for each option.

Report Options

:!: A convenient way to adjust Report Options is to use the Publish (V5&V6) / Reports (V3&V4) menu bar command to display the Report before using a Wizard. Select the desired Options, then use Save Report As > Web Page (HTML), and view the new web page HTML Report in a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. When the settings are satisfactory, use Save Report As > Custom Report Type, and use that Custom Report as the chosen report template.

See the Report Content, Media, Format and Layout advice on customising Report Options. :!: In particular study the Pictures and Sources tab options for displaying and enlarging Multimedia images. Note that the Privacy tab duplicates the Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 1 – Choose Privacy Options and can be ignored.

:!: Some Report Options, such as Picture Gaps, Page Layout, and V3/V4 Format Fonts, do NOT affect HTML Reports, so the Family Tree Tips ~ Alter CSS Default Styles technique must be used.

:!: (V3&V4) A popular website feature allows an image thumbnail to be clicked in order to obtain a larger popup version. Family Historian V3 & V4 do not offer this feature, but the Family Tree ~ Tips and Tricks and Popups section explains how to add it by adjusting some Wizard settings and post-processing the HTML files.

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