Upload Web Pages (How To)


As of Version 3 of Family Historian, it now has the ability to create web pages. This advice does not cover how to create the folder of web pages in Family Historian, which is covered in detail in Chapter 17/18 Miscellaneous of the Getting the Most From Family Historian Manual, in the Family Historian Help, and in Make a Family Tree CD/DVD or Website.

The biggest challenge for most users will be obtaining web space and using FTP to upload the data to the web space.

Finding Some Space

There are many freespace providers available, including
http://www.rootsweb.com (Part of the MyFamily / Ancestry Group)
http://www.rootschat.com (An independent Forum site, which provides free space for Family History uses.

In addition some ISP's provide free space to people using their broadband or dial up connections. Jane's personal favourites are www.freeola.com who provide high capacity space at relatively low cost and Krystal who host the FHUG site and do not require your broadband to be provided by them.

Domain or not Domain

One thing worth considering is purchasing a domain name, this gives your site a consistent address even you change providers and also provides a unchanging email address. These days around £10 per annum can be enough to maintain a domain, and in the first year its even less.

With most domain name sites you can point your address to any hosting, but read the small print.

What's FTP

FTP is a File Transfer Protocol. It is the Internet equivalent of Windows Explorer and allows files to be copied to and from a remote computer.

In fact, sometimes you can use the FTP capability built into Windows Explorer itself.

Setting up an FTP Client

The following is based on the free FTP client Filezilla.

The first job is to install the FTP client, for Filezilla you can take the defaults all the way through.

Then just select Filezilla from the programs menu.

When you sign up for web space the ISP will normally give you 3 bits of information.

  • username
  • password
  • hostname

In order to connect to your web space you need to enter that information in Filezilla, which is the best way is to set up a connection so you can use it again and again.

First click on the connections icon

The connection manager will appear, first click the new site button and enter the name you would like for the site in name field, which will appear for editing.

Next enter the information as shown below, substituting your hostname, username and password in the relevant boxes.

Finally click on the connect now and hopefully Filezilla will connect. If you have a firewall installed you may need to tell it to allow Filezilla connection to the web.

Uploading the files

There are a couple of items which vary from ISP to ISP, when you connect with FTP on some servers the directory will contain a folder called htdocs, if it does you need to ensure your pages are put into that folder rather than the root. On Filezilla simply double click on the htdocs folder. The best thing to do is to read through the instructions on the ISP's site.

Now you need to change the directory on the left hand side to the one you created the FH website in. Just use the folder view.

Once you have the folder selected all the files for the web site will appear, click on the first file in the list and then hit CTRL-A to select them all, then click and drag to move all the files over to the right hand window.

Filezilla will then upload all your files to your web space.