Finding where Records are used


There are many ways that the various Record Types can be linked together as illustrated in the Formal Database Structure.

The following techniques can be used to discover what other records are linked to particular records of interest.

In all fh versions, select any one record and use the View > Record Links command to obtain a Record Links dialogue that lists all records linked to the selected record. This dialogue allows all the record fields to be expanded similar to the Records Window and the Property Box All Tab. There are also options to Show Record Types selectively, Go To the Property Box of one record, and Add to Named List.

View Source Citations

This is explained in the advice for Finding Records linked to a Source and includes a Query technique.

fh V6 added Place records and offers several ways to discover where they are used in addition to the other techniques described here. See Index for related topics.

The Tools > Work with Data > Places dialogue allows any one Place to be selected, and the Records button or Where Used button provides linked record details. The Records button shows a dialogue similar to View Record Links above. The Where Used button shows a Result Set similar to the Plugins below. Alternatively, multiple Place names may be selected and the View in Map > View in Map Window option displays them in the Map Window where all associated facts and records can be investigated.

From the Records Window for Places, any records may be selected and the red pin icon Map Window option to Map Locations of Selected Place Records will display them in the Map Window where all associated facts and records can be investigated.

Version 5+ Plugins

Since fh V5, Plugins are available that have advantages over the options above, as they show more details, and double clicking in the Results Set will open the Property Box with the details in focus. Right-clicking some items will offer to Locate in Property Box, or Locate in All Tab which may show more specific details.