Step 3 Import your FH GEDCOM to FTM

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Previously you exported your GEDCOM and media to a folder called "c:\…\Family Tree Maker\{treename} Media". FTM enables you to create a new tree using Import or to Merge into an existing tree using the GEDCOM file created. Further investigation is required but it appears that, after initial creation of your FTM tree, the merge will have to be used to preserve details of "hints" that have been matched or ignored.

Topic Note
Importing When importing to create a new tree, set your Ancestry security and synchronisation options.
Merging When merging, FTM likely treats incoming GEDCOM data the same way as when importing. It attempts to merge incoming data with existing data and provides mechanisms to help us decide which data takes priority. If there is insufficient information to confidently match an incoming individual against an existing individual we are offered the opportunity to match individuals manually. This step can be avoided by adding more data to those individuals (dates etc.) so they can be matched. Note that the merge report puts unmatched people at the bottom. If you fail to match these manually you will create duplicate people! The merge requires more investigation.