Step 1 Prepare your FH data for exchange with FTM

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Many of the Actions below are now handled by the Export Gedcom File Plugin V1.9 in the Plugin Store.


The following one-off steps can be taken to simplify your use of FH to make future exchanges more successful. Perhaps some of these will be automated later.

Items below marked M might just be handled manually by editing the GEDCOM. Items marked with A absolutely require automation mainly due to volume or complexity. Items marked ? require some rechecking and discussion.

Topic Action Note
Nickname M Remove "," It appears a comma in the nickname field result in the content being reversed as if FTM regards it as a forename, surname pair. If you use this field for two or more nicknames replace the comma with "or".
Media Dates M Copy to descr. Include the media date in the title of all media. Media dates (and media text info) do not import to FTM.
Repository Web M Append to EMail Append REPOsitory web addresses to the REPOsitory _EMAIL field. Note that other REPOsitory fields gets lost on import to FTM. To see repository data in FTM, sort Sources by Repository then double click on one (it's not easy to find this!).
Family Status M use better FAMily _STATus is not a standard field so it can get moved by the Plugin to a record note in FTM or imported as a fact named _STAT. Further, it works separately from MARRiage and DIVorce events, indeed they can contradict each other. Current thoughts are to manually ensure the presence of MARRiage and DIVorce event for every relevant FAMily (display _STATus, MARRiage and DIVorce fields in the Record List so you can compare). You might then delete the _STATus to stop "Divorced" being duplicated unnecessarily in a note. You might also delete "Unmarried couple", etc, if those others are not important to you. However, be aware that "Unmarried couple" and "Never married" make the wording in FH Narrative Reports use partner instead of husband/wife.
Vital Record Sources M Delete, use Ancestry Perhaps quite radically, and certainly optionally, delete those Census and vital record events and related sources and images (back it all up to avoid regrets) that Ancestry will be providing. The reasoning is that Ancestry has a great facility to review hints and then accept data against multiple people (in the case of a Census). Unlike FH it does not create a Census record (clutter which is not an event anyway), but creates a SOURce record with links (citations) against the individuals' facts. Consequently, perhaps you will agree that all (available from Ancestry) census sources and facts and images (painstakingly put in using the Ancestral Sources program) should be deleted before uploading to FTM. If you wish to start from scratch using Ancestry's arguably better approach then delete all Census events using plugin "Change any fact tag" then delete all Census sources by moving to a list and deleting all list records, then delete all media with 0 links (using a list again), then delete all unlinked media using plugin "Check for unlinked media". Note there is a known issue re-importing to FH as Ancestry creates just one SOURce for England 1911 - not one per FAMily. This is discussed in a section below on re-importing to FH.
Source Media M Link Media for Sources import to FTM. However FTM naturally displays media connected to a source citation, the only way to see source media is to open the source record's media tab. It appears two actions are necessary 1) manually ensure all sources are connected to a citation (if necessary use a fake individual) 2) once imported to FTM, connect all media for that source to the citation. If you have few sources (just notes and images and no Census info) its manual. If you have many Census sources each with an image you really need automation (or lots of time!). Exporting back to FH is not yet resolved.
National IDNO M Move to another field It appears that IDNO is not imported by FTM (nor is it in their standard "facts") however FTM seems to provide SSN (US social security number). A solution needs further consideration. Other fields may be missing too.