Query Window ~ General Tab

For Help press the F1 key and expand & explore the Query Window: General Tab subsection. See Index for related topics.

The most important option on this tab is the Query Type, which largely determines the type of information that will appear in the Result Set. It mirrors the Record Window Types such as Individual, Family, Note, Source, and so on, with the addition of Fact since fh V4.

The most popular Query Type is an Individual Query because individuals are most probably who you are searching for. However, if you are not getting the results you expect, then think about the others. If you are looking into Family Events such as Marriage or Divorce then a Query Type of Family may work better. If you are searching for a Fact that often occurs more than once per Individual, such as Census, or Occupation, or Residence, then a Fact Query will probably be more suitable.

Remember that if the Query Type is altered, then all details on the other tabs are cleared, but only after a warning.

It is a good idea to add a Description of what the Query is about, and complete the Print details at the bottom, but these can be added at a later stage.

The Description should explain how to use the Query and the ideas behind it. Otherwise, when you come back to it later you will have forgotten what it was meant to do. It is also very important if you are intending to share it via the FHUG Downloads.

Most of the Print details options are self-explanatory, but the Title and Subtitle » Custom options have some undocumented features to incorporate any Value entered via a Rows Tab prompt for a Parameter. Any such Value is represented by [“Prompt”], where Prompt is the name of the parameter Label, and to include it in the Title or Subtitle must be enclosed in a Type Specifier Function of a matching type: Text([“Prompt”]), Number([“Prompt”]), Individual([“Prompt”]), Date([“Prompt”]), etc.
Date =Number(["Day"]) of =Text(["Month"]) for =Individual(["Person"])

In fh V3 this feature only works for a text [“Prompt”] in conjunction with a =ForceText(["Prompt"]) function in the title.