Charting Companion


Charting Companion offers a number of charts that are not currently provided by fh, such as a Fractal Tree, Dandelion Chart, Descendant Fan Chart, Trellis Chart, X-chromosome Inheritance, DNA Charts, and many more.

It can be run via the Charting Companion Plugin that is installed when the program is purchased and installed.

It appears that this product provides version updates very frequently. It is compatible with many other genealogy products that you may be using alongside fh. Don't forget to download its PDF User Guide and associated guides.

See the Forum thread Charting Companion add-on​ March 2017 for related tips.


DNA Kit Numbers

Some DNA charts need a DNA Kit Number for Individual records. This requires a Custom Attribute specifically named DNA Kit with its value set to the Number for each person.

Output Quality

The output quality is partly governed by the Options > Font tab Smoothing Threshold (although that setting may not exist for every type of chart).

Options > Font > Smoothing Threshold