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Welcome to the FHUG Knowledge Base, covering everything from simple how to's and getting started guides to research and recording suggestions.

Follow the menu on the left to the main sections to see what we have available. There is a selection of How To Guides including Family Historian fh and of course Nick Walker's Ancestral Sources, both of which now have many video tutorials, plus a comprehensive set of Downloads and Links provided by members.

Following the release of Family Historian Version 5 the Knowledge Base now contains a whole new section on Family Historian Plugins, which is well worth investigating as it contains lots of hints, tips, and sample code for them.

If what you are looking for is not obvious in the main sections, then try the Search box. Simply enter a few keywords from your topic, feature, or message into the box and click Search. Much the same options work as for a Google Search, such as prefixing a keyword with a minus sign will exclude it, and enclosing keywords in "quotes" will search just for that phrase. See also the Google Site Search advice in Site Searches.

Alternatively, try the Glossary of Features or Frequently Asked Questions or Knowledge Base Index. Remember that any text highlighted like this is a hyperlink to that topic, and to return to a previous topic use the TRACE: at the top of the page.

If you are new to FHUG or to Family Historian, we recommend reviewing Key Features for Newcomers, if you are migrating from another Family History program please see Importing to Family Historian.

See the Forums Usage Tips for advice on using the FHUG Forums.


The Knowledge Base has two different methods of searching. The one on the top right and the one below; they work in different ways and one may suit you better than the other. If you can't find something please try both search boxes. There is also a global FHUG search on the Home page. See Index for related topics.