Work With Record Identifiers


This should only be tackled by experienced users who are happy that their actions will not cause corruption in saved charts or diagrams. Also renumbered records may cause confusion if CD/DVD or Web Sites or printed reports use a previous numbering. Beware that many of these changes are irreversible.

Saved Charts

Saved fh Charts rely on Record Id remaining unaltered, otherwise the diagrams usually become corrupted.


Select Tools > Record Identifiers and you will be presented with a new window.

Click the Help button for an explanation of each option.

It is strongly advised that File > Backup/Restore > Small Backup is used, so that changes can be reversed.

The simplest option is to renumber all records starting from 1.

To selectively renumber particular records needs the following steps, and relies on the Custom Id field being unused in every record. This can be used to back fill missing Record Id caused by deleting or merging records.

  • Select Copy existing record ids into the Custom Id field, then Perform Task and Close dialogue.
  • Open the Property Box of a record to be selectively renumbered. On its All tab, edit the Custom Id field to hold the desired Record Id number, which must be unique. Repeat for each record to be renumbered.
  • Select Generate new record ids by copying Custom Id values, then Perform Task and Close dialogue.
  • To clear the Custom Id fields will require a Custom Query to display all the records with the Custom Id field, so that the entire column of values can be deleted. However, if this process is to be repeated regularly, then leave the values in place, so the first step above can be omitted.

Use the Find Duplicate Custom ID's Plugin to ensure all your Custom Id are unique.