Work with Fact Sets/Fact Types


Fact Sets are groups of fact definitions, normally custom ones, which contain the Fact titles, descriptions, and Sentence Template structures for use on reports and diagrams. They are managed via the Tools > Fact Types command (or Tools > Work with Fact Sets prior to V6).

Each Fact Type is associated with either Individual or Family records :-

  1. blue bullets for Individual records
  2. red bullets for Family records


Fact Sets can be imported and exported, and uploaded for sharing with others. Currently the Downloads and Links ~ Fact Sets offer Military Records, Jewish Facts, and others available for download.

There is no limit to the number of fact sets you can create and have installed.

Fact sets are covered in detail in Chapter 6 of the Manual - Getting the Most From Family Historian.

Custom Facts from other Products

Custom Facts imported from another product will have no Fact definitions and are not listed by default. To reveal them, tick the Show Hidden option, and click the Visible column heading to sort the <undefined> Custom Facts to the bottom. Select each one in turn and click the Edit button to create a definition.

Family Historian (fh) Version 6 added a special custom Fact Set primarily for FTM migrants, but it can be used by anyone. Select the Extended Set from the Fact Set drop list, and tick Show Hidden. Select any fact, then click Edit and untick Hidden before clicking OK.