Work With Data


All the Work With Data tools work in similar ways, allowing the Editing and Merging of Data items. In addition you can view all the records linked to a data item. There are tools for all of the following data items.

They all work in similar ways. The following talks about Places, but the operation for all of them is similar.


Select a single item and click the Edit button to change the value.

Places and Addresses are arranged in Columns separated by commas, which allows them to be organised with a particular content in each column.

Sometimes it is necessary to insert a comma that is not treated as a Column separator, e.g. "Freeman, Hardy & Willis". There is an alternative comma that does not appear on most keyboards that can be used, and is entered by holding down the Alt key and entering 0130 on the number keypad.


Select multiple items from the list, holding down the CTRL key to click on multiple items, or the SHIFT key to select the first and last item and highlight all those in-between. Then click the replace button to select the item you want to replace all the others with.

Select a single place and click the records button to select all the records linked to an item.

When Links are shown on the screen, there is a small icon at the bottom of the window which allows the listed records to be added to a named list. This is very useful when records need to be edited manually for instance to split Addresses away from Places.

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